Arrival and Departure to Training Requirements:

  • Players will not be able to join another group should he/she not be able to make the assigned training time. Players/Parent needs to let us know if you will not be attending. We are required to keep record of all attendees for each training session.
  • Players need to be on the field ready to start training at the designated time. As we are not allowed to have anyone join training once it has started.
  • Each player/child will have a designated area "Player Bags" as to put their water bottle and backpack as they need to be placed 6 feet from the other player.
    b. BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE. We recommend 2 - 32 oz. bottles as the weather is hot.
  • Trainings are scheduled with 15 minutes in-between to allow players to social distance during arrival and departure.
    a. Players must return promptly to their cars after training - no lingering.
    b. Parent can accompany player to field to assist in bag drop off but are encouraged to go back to stay in their cars and depart the area while their child is training.
    c. Players are to remain in car and not enter the field until 5 minutes before their training start time to follow social distancing. This will allow other players to leave the field.
  • Players should leave the car ready-to-play (wearing shoes/cleats, shin guards, etc.) and return to car that way to avoid having unnecessary personal belongings on the field.
  • Players should maintain social distancing during coaching conversations.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay in the car as social distancing must be strictly maintained.
  • Parents need to have player to training on time and be in the parking lot before training ends as players cannot hang around and wait.
  • Players should use hand sanitizer to sanitize hands upon arrival and then at departure.

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