Superclubs--Rockford, Illinois


The OBSC U16 girls team competed in the highly competitive Superclubs Soccer Tournament this past weekend playing top teams from around the Midwest. The OBSC U16 girls played 5 games in 36 hours making in to all the way to the Championship game. The OBSC U16 Titans, currently ranked #9 in Illinois and #38 in the Midwest, played 5 games in 2 days. The OBSC U16 girls defeated United FC (Milwaukee) 2-0, tied RMSA Premier (#2 in Iowa) 0-0 and then defeated the FV Strikers 2-1 to advance to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals they met up with a tough competitor in Celtic FC but advanced to the finals on the 2-0 victory. In the finals, they met up with RMSA once again where they fell 1-0 with with 5 minutes remaining in the game. The U16 girls are on their way to compete in the St. Louis College Showcase where they will compete against top teams from Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. Good Luck to the OBSC U16 Girls.


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