OBSC partners with the Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy group

OLYMPIAThe partnership with the Olympia group looks to grow our education and resources for the coaches, players and parents in the club. In doing so, all OBSC coaches will be trained and we be provided with Injury protocols to aid them in the event of any minor, major or concussion injury. Olympia will also be hosting periodic seminars for coaches, players and parents on how to prevent injury, staying healthy and athletic specific nutrition so that we can focus on taking OBSC and our players to the next level.

Included in the partnership is NO CHARGE Injury Assessments for any coach, player or parent. This will allow OBSC and you the parent, to be sure that an injury has been diagnosed properly and that the proper care can be received by a licensed professional. In the event of an injury you will receive a call from your respective coach and a call to Olympia can be made to have you or your athlete seen within a 24-36 hour time period (if not sooner). The no charge injury assessment will include all the necessary tests and x-rays if needed to help diagnosis the injury.

OBSC is constantly trying to grow and give our athletes the best resources possible! We are excited about our new partnership as we hope you are as well!
Olympia locations:

Elmhurst: 533 S. York St.
Elmhurst: 135 S. Palmer Dr.
Villa Park: 509 E. St. Charles Rd
Bartlett: 260 E. Army Trail Rd
St. Charles: 1615 W. Main St.
Sycamore: 1680 Mediterranean Dr.



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