Evan Floerish U18 OBSC player named High School Player of the year

Evan Floersch, a senior defender who helped Hinsdale Central capture the IHSA Class 3A championship this season, earned the Player of the Year Award.

"The feeling is indescribable -- a lot of emotion," Floersch said. "I couldn't have done it without my teammates, and my coach (Mike Wiggins) -- a great guy and a great coach. It goes back to those days before the season starts. We go out and do everything we can to get better as a team, understanding what it takes to get better. There's nothing special that I did. It's the people around me, and my family, that makes me a better player -- and person.

"Winning a state championship -- for the first time since 1975 -- I think the title was for all the other teams that didn't quite make it. So that's the most special thing about (earning Player of the Year), helping to make my team be as great as it can be."


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